Arlon has a history of 50 years, and provides excellent services to their customers worldwide. Arlon manufactures and markets Adhesive Pressure Sensitive Vinyl Films ranging from Intermediate Economy grade o Premium Cast Films. A wide range of products are being offered including illuminated signage, and print media films for the digital imaging, signage, vehicle graphic and screen-printing industries. Special colour matching service from Arlon is so unique that none of the competitors can match. Any requests for special colour matching are turnaround quickly with high accuracy.



New Products

Series 1900 : Designed for your short-term graphics and promotional signage. Series 1900 is available with a higher gloss finish and a range of the most popular colors.

Series 1900 is an intermediate 3-mil calendered vinyl available in bright glossy colors. Series 1900 is a cost-effective choice for banners, promotional graphics, interior applications and exterior signs in less demanding environments.

Series 2500 : is a premium 2-mil cast vinyl designed specifically for back or internally illuminated signage. Now with added colors, Series 2500 is available in 61 standard colors, the palette is endless with Arlon’s custom color capabilities. Batch-to-batch consistency ensures the integrity of regional and national programs. Series 2500 is compatible with a wide variety of rigid and flexible substrates. All of this is available with a 7 year durability rating.

Series 2500 - non-perforated

Roll widths : 24”, 48”

Roll Lengths : 10 yds, 50 yds

Series 2500 SL - non-perforated

With Synthetic Liner

Roll widths : 48”

Roll Lengths : 50 yds

Series 2550 - perforated

Roll widths : 15”, 30”

Roll Lengths : 10 yds, 50 yds

Series 2570 - 30” 1/2” - perforated

Roll widths : 30” (1/2” punch)

Roll Lengths : 50 yds